First things first: Fill out the form on the CONTACT page with your request and ideas for your project, and will send you back a quote.

Once you have agreed with the quote and make sure both of us are on the same page, an invoice via Paypal will be sent to you charging 50% of the amount agreed. Along with this deposit, all material should be sent to our email Material such as all texts, logos, images, videos, and social links. Any material sent after 1st mock-up HOME page, may or may not be charged as "Editing Services".

Another good idea is to send 2-3 links of Wix templates or any website you might like as inspiration.

A Preview will be ready within three days.


We will prepare a mock-up HOME page with the most important details to be determined before we proceed:

MENU, COLORS, FONT, LAYOUT - and of course, your HOME PAGE!

Now it is the time to know if our design and services are what you were looking for. If not, we gladly refund you 100% of you deposit. But not after this point. Also, this is when you should send anything left behind, a photo, a video, a new product. Time to double check your "drawers"! Remember: any change later may or not may occur extra charge.

After approved / edited the rest of the website will be built and ready for your first review (of two).


Within seven days after the PREVIEW, you will receive the complete website ready for your 1st review - time to check the layout of other pages, design, titles, menu order - the whole shebang!

Send back to me with your notes and requests - and I send again back to you fo the 2nd and final review.

Note: It is the customer's responsibility proof-reading the whole work. So pay attention to the links, numbers, names, punctuation, grammar... every single corner.


Now only three things are left:

Your 2nd invoice is on the way... and your site too!

The mobile view will be adjusted, and the project will be sent to your Wix account provided by you or created by us. After acquiring your domain and plan, a Google Analytics, Business Directory, and Sitemap will be set up.

And Voilà! Open for business!